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Bamboo light

CHF 89.00

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The Bamboo from Wild Land is a high-quality lamp for campers, for the garden or the urban balcony. The 0.9kg floor lamp provides a pleasant light that can be adjusted to exactly the desired brightness using a dimmer. The 270 lumens can be adjusted from 20-100%. The upper housing of the lamp is also made of robust and beautifully crafted bamboo and gives the lamp a good stand. The bracket is covered with leather and protects the light source. Of course, the lamp is also a power bank with a lithium battery and a capacity of 7800mAH. The lighting duration is approx. 8 hours in mixed operation.

Size 37.4x21x13.2cm
Weight 0.9kg
Type Rechargeable lamp with power bank function
Energy Lithium Battery Capacity 7800mAH
Time of use 8 hrs
performance 270 lumens
Power bank 5V/1A
Functions Dim Functions 20-100%
Placement Hang on and table top
Main material Bamboo
Packing size 37.4 x 21 x 13.2cm
Color red, brown