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Kibo medium

CHF 899.00

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The Kibo M is a foldable camping and outdoor kitchen. Five fold-out and height-adjustable legs ensure a secure stand and the working height can be adjusted as desired. It has two permanently installed hotplates, running water, a sink, a smaller chrome steel sink, a tap and two work surfaces. The tap can be charged using a USB cable, the supplied hose can be inserted into a container with water and you already have running water. The chrome steel basin has a drain pipe which can be led into an empty container. The work surfaces are made of fireproof plastic and can be pushed inwards or outwards as required. The work surfaces can also be used as a table. The kitchen also has a screw-on rod that can be used as a holder for kitchen towels, cooking cutlery or the like. The Kibo Medium is equipped with wheels and can be easily pulled. The wheels are mounted on a removable box. When open, this box can easily be clicked onto the work surface, creating additional space for cutlery etc. The Kibo is built by hand piece by piece by our partner in Türkey.

Weight 29.55 kg (empty), 31.55 kg (with accessories)
Intended use Camping, outdoors
Size open fold in 124cm
Size open fold out 245cm
Cooking height 1 65.5cm
Cooking altitude 2 86cm
Cooking height 3 100cm
Size closed 77x44x27cm
Color black
Material frame 1mm aluminum, 6mm coated birch wood
Material Table 4mm thick plastic plate, fireproof
Notes Gas bottle with pressure regulator and hose not included.
Scope of delivery 1x water pump, 1x chrome sink, 1x chrome tub, 1x wastewater drain hose, 2x carrying handles, removable box with wheels, 5 table legs, 2 gas cooking plates, 1 preparation for gas connection with coupling, 1 windscreen for kitchen, 1 reusable wooden transport box