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Trails AIR Tech HC

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Discover the freedom of mobile life with our freestanding bus tent, which takes comfort, flexibility and stability to a new level. Thanks to the innovative inflatable AIR Tech air frame with 2 arches, this tent is stable and ready for use in no time, without the hassle of setting up poles. With a connection gate that allows direct access to the vehicle, you not only enjoy additional space, but also the practical integration of vehicle and tent. This lock is versatile because it can be removed with a zipper and has its own entrance door. The tent's numerous windows can all be darkened, which gives you the opportunity to regulate the daylight as you wish and ensure a pleasant atmosphere inside. Both the front and side entrances are equipped with mosquito screens to keep out annoying insects, while the front canopy provides additional protection from rain. The continuous ventilation and cable access, which allows you to use electrical devices in the tent, ensure optimal ventilation and comfort. The sewn-in tent floor protects against moisture and dirt, while numerous guy points and the high stability of the tent ensure safety even in adverse weather conditions. The tent comes complete with mounting material and a practical packing bag and offers various connection options to the vehicle, including with piping, lock rod or roof rails, with a connection height of 245 to 280 cm. Immerse yourself in the world of mobile camping and experience the freedom and flexibility that our free-standing bus tent offers.

Size 320x320xH215 cm
Weight 18000
Tent type Awning
Intended use Holiday, weekend, travel
Rainfly Polyester Oxford PU 100% Polyester
Coating / mm PU coated 3000mm
Poles Airtube
Size full 320x(220+100)xH215 cm
Size packed 80x33cm
Doors 2
Living room 1
Colors bright gray and anthracite
Function All-round