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Folding saws from Canada

BOREAL saws are revolutionary folding bow saws that can be effortlessly unfolded in seconds. With the Boreal folding saw you have a very efficient tool that is hard to beat in terms of weight and performance. The trapezoidal frame with 3 hinges enables large diameter cuts and the frame ensures a stable and well-tightened saw blade. This combination results in a clean and safe cut through trunks up to 30cm. The blade folds securely into the frame when not in use, protecting you and your equipment.



The people at AGAWA only develop a product until it is ready for series production if they are sure that the technical design produces the best possible function.


In addition to perfect functionality, the products must also be modularly adaptable. All parts of AGAWA products are replaceable and/or can be retrofitted.


AGAWA combines the latest findings from materials research and manufacturing technologies in its products, but also ensures that the materials have a natural context and are easy to process.

The people behind Agawa

Luke Watson is a late-career entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for wilderness canoeing and the outdoors. Over the course of his career, Luke Watson has been involved in the development of several cutting-edge technological devices. His time in the Canadian wilderness was a wonderful counterbalance and welcome change from the hectic environment of product development.

Hank Samulski has spent much of his career manufacturing products, but whenever the opportunity arose, he spent time "on the land." He spent a year sailing wilderness rivers with friends and family, wondering what was around the next bend.

Graham Beck has turned his passion for how things work into a career as an industrial designer. He is knowledgeable in exhibition and retail design, prototyping, manufacturing and product design. When he's not designing and creating something new, you can find him with his wife and three sons.

Brad Rothwell is a creative specialist and trained industrial designer. Through his work as an art director in film and television, he has learned to dream big and advance the creative goals of every project he is involved with. When he's not in the studio, he's looking for adventure and pushing his equipment to its limits.

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