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Knives from the far north

Every Brisa knife has a story because each knife was developed for one or more areas of use. Not all knives are the same because every use requires very specific functions. The specific design and functional quality of each individual BRISA knife is responsible for the Finnish brand's great success. For example, the Skinner 9 knife was developed specifically for hunters. The Skinner's blade is intended for processing large game, but is also suitable for food preparation and as a bushcraft knife. The special thing about this knife is that the shape of the blade is quite short and very wide and the edge of the knife is more rounded than a normal blade.


BRISA since 1995

The adventure begins with two people who share a love of craftsmanship and the raw, undeniable beauty of the Finnish wilderness.

The story takes place at a perfectly balanced meeting point between Finnish nature and Finnish craftsmanship. One famous for its endless network of intertwining lakes, the other for its long-standing tradition of knife making. What starts with a simple hardened blade to make a good pair of touring skates develops over time into a true expertise in the materials and the perfection of the craftsmanship. Little did the two friends know that their interest in skating together on frozen lakes would lead to so much more than just the hunt for good ice.

Today BRISA® is the leading knife manufacturer in Northern Europe with a loyal customer base worldwide. BRISA® not only produces excellent knives, but is still significantly involved in the development of the right steel. The Trapper, the very first Brisa knife, is still an international success story today - thanks to its successful combination of intelligent design, durable materials and Finnish craftsmanship. It set the bar high for all subsequent models and guaranteed that you can always rely on a Brisa knife.

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