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Outdoor equipment has one primary goal: it should enable and support nature experiences. Depending on your individual wishes, this could be an overnight stay in the snow or a day trip to a mountain near you. Whatever the needs, the equipment should support this need as best as possible. Annjuk has set itself the goal of consistently integrating this approach into its products.



Good function is often directly linked to good materials and a sophisticated technical design. Materials can be found in our globalized world and a technical design can be determined quite precisely with a little experience.

Of course, different engineers and designers come up with different solutions, but the task also allows for different approaches.

Things get more difficult with the term function. Even experienced outdoor enthusiasts have different needs, priorities and desires. But what is almost always a central aspect is the weight of the equipment. Weight must be moved and controlled. Therefore, weight always has an economic, but also a safety-related significance.

In addition to many years of experience in product development and manufacturing, product tests and field reports provide the most important feedback for formulating or checking a desired function. No product is created without experience in the forest, on the mountain or on the water.

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