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Compact 2 all inclusive

CHF 79.00

Compact two-burner gas stove made of powdered aluminum housing. Infinitely adjustable flame regulators. The pot freezer can be removed to clean the gas cooker. The hinged lid also serves as a windbreak when cooking, which means gas consumption can be significantly reduced. The gas stove comes with a 1 1/4 inch connection including gas hose and 29 m/bar pressure regulator.

Size 49x34x8cm
Weight 2500
Intended use Cooking
Size small burner 6.5ø cm
Size big burner 7.5ø cm
Color white
Material body powdered aluminum
Material pan rack Stainless steel
power 3.25kW
Flame 2
Size packed 50x35x8.5cm
Scope of delivery Gas Stove, 1 1/4 inch connection, Regulator Hose Set