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Pick Up Adapter Kit Toyota Hilux

CHF 159.00

The perfect solution for your Toyota Hilux with rolltop: The tailor-made adapter kit, specially developed to simplify and optimize the installation of load carriers such as pickup racks on your vehicle. This kit is the ideal choice for anyone who values ​​stable and secure attachment of their equipment. The heart of this kit are the innovative adapter wedges, made from extremely durable polyethylene material. This high-quality material not only guarantees exceptional durability and load-bearing capacity, but is also completely weatherproof. These properties make the wedges a reliable partner for all your outdoor activities. The special shape of the adapter wedges was precisely designed to bridge the rounded surface of the Hilux rolltop rail. This creates a flat and stable mounting surface for your load carriers. The kit is specially tailored to the Annjuk Pick Up H-Rack, with the PE wedges pre-drilled precisely onto this rack to ensure seamless integration. The kit also contains spacers made of high-quality solid tubular steel. These are not only robust, but also powder-coated, which makes them rust-proof and therefore particularly durable. Please note that slot nuts are not included in the scope of delivery. With this adapter kit for the Toyota Hilux with roll top, you can secure a professional, reliable and durable solution for mounting your load carriers. An investment that guarantees quality, safety and durability.

Gender code Unisex
Size 40x4x2cm / 16x4x2cm
Weight 800
Intended use Pickup, outdoor
Size big piece 40x4x2/0cm
Size small piece 16x4x2/0cm
Weight including screws 0.8kg
material PE, polyethylene
Color Black
Notes specially developed for Toyota Hilux with Rolltop
Scope of delivery 4 pcs of PE wedges, 10 pcs spacers made of solid steel, 10 pcs screws M6x40 hexagon socket, all stainless steel.