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Alpha ONE Electric Air Pump 20PSI

CHF 119.00

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The Alpha ONE 12V DC fast two-stage intelligent electric pump is equipped with a digital controller and an LCD screen to display the set pressure and real-time air pressure. The pump can stop automatically at the air pressure you set. This prevents excess pressure from occurring, which could damage the product or the pump. The valve connection is suitable for inflatable boats and SUPs equipped with HR (Ha-lkey-Roberts), Bravo, Naru or similar type air valves. This type of air valve has a pivot or push pin in the middle to control the open and closed position of the valve. With the various O-rings made of silicone, a correct connection and optimal filling can be guaranteed. Features of the Alpha ONE Small pack size and a robust design without protruding buttons Clear and very easy to use function keys Illuminated LED screen for displaying preset air pressure and real-time air pressure of PSI and Bar Noise-reducing mechanics for quiet operation Power cord / Nylon air hose / Universal HR air valve adapter and 3 different thickness silicone O-rings fit all inflatable SUPs

Weight 1900g
Intended use Electric Air SUP Pump
Voltage DC 12V
Pressure 20PSI
Accessories Cable 3m, one hose with one nozzle
Airflow 350L/min
Product Size 15.5x25x17.5cm
material SECTION
Color black