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Cotton tinder

CHF 16.00

Every crackling campfire has its origins in the embers - with the cotton tinder in the handy tin can you have the igniting element for the Petromax fire piston immediately at hand. The contents of one can correspond to a good 450 ignition processes and are enough to fill the storage container of your fire piston around 30 times. The fuel is completely natural and consists exclusively of pyrolyzed cotton rope. This glows particularly intensely and for a long time so that you can heat up your nest of embers and get your cooking area going. Since the cotton tinder in the can is protected from wind and water and packed to save space, you can also leave it in your backpack as a little helper. So you have the alternative of making it glow with a fire steel.

Weight 19
material Cotton
Scope of delivery 1x cotton tinder