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Bigmuk 240 - CurlyBirch - Scandi - Bushcraft

CHF 279.00

Let us introduce you to our latest innovation, the BIGMUK. From the beginning, our goal was to develop a knife that would handle all the tasks you might face around the campfire. We aimed for a design that combines two different functions in both the blade and the handle. The massive nose provides more power when chopping, while the pronounced back protection on the handle keeps the knife secure in your hand. By holding the knife close to the blade, you can cut and carve in a controlled manner with the first half of the blade.

Size 40cm
Weight 300g
Handle material Stabilized Curly Birch
Blade length 240mm
Blade width 30-48mm
Blade thickness 4mm
Length total 400mm
Grind Scandi second level
Steel grade 80cRv2 carbon steel
Steel Stainless
Scope of Delivery Knife and Sheath Bushcraft
Notes Clean and oil after use, corrosion protection