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Organic hand wash for Petromax Loden

CHF 18.00

The organic hand wash for loden is your naturally strong concentrate for cleaning Petromax outdoor clothing and all common wool textiles. If Deubelskerl, Bergmaid & Co. have left lasting marks during their last use in the outdoor kitchen, the special enzyme active formula can help. Stuck odors and dirt are removed deeply and gently at the same time. The ingredients of the environmentally friendly detergent ensure a complete solution of vegetable or animal fats without damaging the textures or wool fibers. Your robust, traditional fabric is cared for according to the material, remains dimensionally stable and durable for a long time. Sustainability taken into account: The detergent in the recycled plastic bottle is biodegradable, can easily be disposed of in the wastewater and also freshens up the clothes with the pine forest aroma. How do I wash my loden correctly? Step 1: The organic hand wash is concentrated cleaning power in a bottle. Therefore, mix it in a ratio of 1:25 and add, for example, 400 ml to 10 l of water. Prepare a soaking bath in your bathtub, washtub, or bucket. Make sure that the water temperature is a maximum of 30 °C or that the water feels lukewarm. Step 2: Place your loden clothing inside and make sure it soaks thoroughly. Now let them soak for a good 2 hours. Step 3: Finally, rinse your garment with clean water and let it dry flat. Attention: Do not wring out so that the shape of your loden is not lost. Also avoid direct sunlight or proximity to radiators while drying. Tip for faster drying: After rinsing, have a large bath towel ready and loosely roll up your loden or wool garment in it. If you now press lightly on the roll, you will gently squeeze a large part of the water out of the material without breaking it out of shape.

Size 750ml
Weight 1090
mixing ratio Concentrate to water 1:25
Odor Pine scent
Scope of delivery 1 x organic hand wash for Petromax Loden