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Catfish 282

CHF 199.00 CHF 299.00

The Level Catfish is a very light board for use on lakes. Our round shape ensures easy handling for the lighter paddler. The board is 76cm wide and 12cm thick and has a volume of 198 liters, which offers good stability with the optimal load of 35 - 70 kg. The area of ​​use is not specific, so the board can work equally well for beginners through to ambitious touring riders. Due to the smaller volume, the board is limited in terms of load and should only be ridden with the optimal load. When properly loaded, the lightweight can be accelerated very well and can also be used for longer tours. The Catfish is also ideal for kids and teenagers due to its shorter length and very light weight.

Size 282x76x12cm
Weight 7200g
Intended use All-round, touring, lake
Size cm 282 x 76 x 12cm
Size ft 9.25x30x4.7
Board weight 7.2kg
Color white, green
material board SUP Dropstitch Single Layer
Material pad EVE
Construction Single layer, inflatable
Volume 198 liters
Bag Basic Backpack Light
Paddle Format aluminum paddle
Pump SUP single action
Fin 210 mm slide in SUP fin
Leash coiled leash
Valve 16PSI SUP Valve
Optimal load 40-65kg
Maximum load 80kg
Notes Always wear a life jacket
Scope of delivery Board, Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fin, Backpack, Rep. Set