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Delta 101 Carbon Paddle - 1 Piece

CHF 229.00 CHF 329.00

Even if you're not a professional, this paddle will make you feel like one. The paddle made of super light 100% 12K carbon can be moved super fast and literally flies over the water. The defining feature of Season's new DELTA and BETA paddles is outstanding performance. A quick catch at the beginning and a clean exit at the end of the shot are two crucial effects that contribute to performance. In addition, there is enormous power development thanks to the adapted flex hardness of the oval shaft. Due to its fixed length, the paddle is very light at just 460g (at 200cm) and is therefore wonderfully easy to move over water. You can hardly feel the paddle in your hand, which makes the movement from the exit to the catch, but also the change of sides, much easier. With a normal cadence of 45 beats per minute, you move the paddle 2700 times per hour. Every time, the paddle wants to be pulled out of the water and moved all the way forward. Around 15% of the movements are a side change, which means a little more stroke. If you now add up the weight, with a standard fiberglass paddle of approx. 850g you move around 400g more each time than with the DELTA 101. That's over 1000kg more per hour! Carbon paddles are not only high-performance paddles for sports paddlers, but they are also the right choice for lighter paddlers, as an enormous amount of energy is saved.

Size 228cm (max)
Weight 460g
Intended use Competition, sport, touring
Blade 101 sq.-inch
Paddler weight 65-110kg
Blade Angle
Shaft 1 piece custom length, oval profile
material 100% 12K Carbon
Surface matt, carbon
Act T-Grip
Bag Blade bag incl.
Color black