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Distance 12.6

CHF 449.00 CHF 699.00

The Distance Boards 12.6 and 14 are sporty tourers for paddlers who want to move forward. The slim shape of 67.3 cm wide allows the paddler to achieve speeds of up to 9km/h. Despite its sporty orientation, the Distance Shape is easy to ride and stable thanks to the flat base. The nose bend is moderate and reduces drag, but helps to ride waves smoothly without any effort. The additional carbon string on the bottom provides rigidity around the transverse axis and promotes the performance of the board. Paddlers can achieve a high level of safety after just a few kilometers of practice and thus achieve good performance. The distance boards are ideal for the sporty paddler and are also suitable for longer sea tours and long distances. The all-new Tripple Action pump helps inflate the board in minutes and the new fiberglass paddle is light and dynamic. The Season Expert Bag is light (can be easily taken with you) and yet is robust and completes the overall package.

Weight 9500
Intended use All-round, touring, lake, racing
Type Inflatable
Size cm 381 x 67.3 x 15cm
Size ft 12.6x26.5x6
Board weight 9.5kg
Color white, red, blue
material board SUP Fusion Dropstitch Double Layer, Carbon Stringer
Material pad Two-layer EVA
Construction Double layer, inflatable
Volume 328 liters
Bag SUP Backpack Expert 1600D
Paddle Flare Pro Fiberglass Paddle
Pump SUP Triple Action Pump
Fin US Box Race polycarbonate
Leash coiled leash
Valve 16PSI SUP Valve
Optimal load 50-95kg
Maximum load 120kg
Notes Always wear a life jacket
Scope of delivery Board, Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fin, Backpack, Rep. Set