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Electric Pump Star 7

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The STAR PUMP 7 SUP 12V Pump Electric Pump for Paddleboards is an important accessory for every owner of paddleboards or inflatable kayaks. With this pump, the paddleboard is inflated easily, quickly and effortlessly, and then you can get started. With this pump, a paddleboard or kayak can be inflated up to a pressure of 16 psi. However, the maximum output pressure can be set as low as 1 psi according to your needs. The desired pressure can be easily monitored on the built-in pressure gauge. The STAR PUMP 7 SUP Pump Electric Pump for Paddleboards has a durable construction, making it ideal for outdoor use. The pump starts slowly at first and then builds up pressure quickly so that a SUP is full in about 12-15 minutes. The pressure can be adjusted on the pump and then switches off automatically. The pump can be operated with a 12 volt car connection (cigarette lighter).

Color black-bright blue
Pressure up to 16 PSI
Measurement 23.5x13x14cm
Construction 12 V, 110 watts / 90 liters per minute
Advantage Set up the PSI first, pump will stop automatically when reach the setted PSI
Function High pressure to inflate tent, boat, SUP easily, without deflate
material ABS + PA (Orange and Black color)
Voltage DC12V
Airflow 70L/min