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Grill and fire bowl fs48 (48cm)

CHF 89.00

The Petromax grill and fire bowl is the ideal basis for powerful grilling adventures. Even as a beginner, you can achieve professional roasting results here. The 3 feet can be easily and quickly turned into the prefabricated coils and your grill plate stands securely over the fire. After seasoning, you can start grilling immediately. Meat, fish, vegetables, a large portion of scrambled eggs or complete pan-fried dishes - with the grill plate you have flexibility over the entire surface. You can decide whether your food needs full or moderate flame power by positioning it in the middle or on the outer edge. With the grill and fire bowl you have an optimal basis for strengthening or warming up yourself and your crew on an outdoor adventure, because it can easily be used as a fire bowl. This means you can grill as you wish, even if you don't have a permanent fire pit, because the grill and fire bowls can be stacked on top of each other depending on their size. You build your grill fire on the lower bowl and roast your grilled food on the upper one. The grill and fire bowl offers you the best conditions with a minimalist character.

Size 29.3 x 59.6 x 48 cm
Weight 5500
Color Black
material steel
Scope of delivery 1x grill and fire bowl, 3x legs, instructions for use