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Hot Point Induction Double

CHF 169.00
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Portable induction electric cooker with double hotplate - the perfect solution for outdoor use and camping. It has an ultra-flat design with a heat-resistant housing and a cooking surface made of highly resistant glass ceramic. The two cooking zones each have 9 power levels (the left zone from 300 W to 1800 W and the right zone from 300 W to 1700 W), which can be selected via the touch control and the LED display. The cooker is easy to transport and store and takes up little space. It is also very efficient and consumes little electricity.

Gender Code Unisex
Size 57.8x36.8x4.5cm
Weight 4600
Intended use Cooking, Camping, Travel, Home, Kitchen
Color black
material 100% PP
power 3500W (1700W + 1800W)
Rated Voltage 230V-50Hz
Notes TouchControl