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Hubris 410

CHF 429.00 CHF 629.00

The Hybris 410 is a 2-kayak made of high-quality materials. The boat offers enough space for two adults. The siderails made of reinforced PVC ensure excellent stability and the tarpaulin floor protects the boat against abrasion and hard objects. The seat is made of 8cm HDDS - High Density Drop Stitch Floor and provides additional stability. Both the bow and stern are equipped with splash guards and offer space for smaller items of luggage. The additional luggage nets also offer space for other things that need to be within easy reach. The slim shape of the boat with a width of 90 cm allows you to move forward smoothly. The 2 fins of the Hybris 410 also ensure excellent straight-line stability. The Hybris is the ideal choice for a weekend trip or a longer tour on lakes and quiet rivers. The included seats and storage bag are of high quality. A suitable paddle must be selected separately and is not included in the scope of delivery.

Size 410x90cm
Weight 12780g
Intended use kayak
person 2
Color Teal/White/Grey
material board PVC dropstitch
Construction Reinforced PVC Tubes and Tarpolin Bottom combined with 8cm HDDS Technology Floor
Bag comfortable backpack
Seat 2
Paddle optional
Pump optional
Fin 2
Valve 16 PSI
Optimal load 80-180 kg
Maximum load 200kg
Scope of delivery Kayak, Backpack, Rep. Set. without glue, 2 seats, 2 fins