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Moslight insect killer

CHF 37.00

Discover the ultimate solution for cozy evenings outdoors with our practical LED outdoor lamp, which not only provides bright light but also offers an effective mosquito killing function. Equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries, this lamp is the perfect addition to your camping or gardening adventure. The housing made of robust ABS/PC plastic material ensures high longevity and durability, while the splash-proof construction ensures that the lamp works reliably even in unexpected weather conditions. The LED outdoor lamp has a dual function: it not only offers bright light with three selectable intensities, but also has a mosquito killer with UV light in the range of 360-390 nm. With separate switches for the lamp and the mosquito killer you can Use the functions independently and switch them on and off as needed. The translucent plastic shade ensures even light distribution and a pleasant atmosphere outdoors. With the folding metal hook integrated into the housing, the lamp can be easily hung up to ensure optimal illumination. The LED outdoor lamp comes complete with a USB charging cable so you can conveniently and easily recharge it no matter where you are. Experience comfort and functionality in one with our practical LED outdoor lamp and enjoy carefree evenings outdoors without annoying mosquitoes.

Size 8.7x8.7x13cm
Weight 230
Intended use Camping, outdoors, travel
material ABS, PC plastic
power 3W
Battery 18650 RG (incl.)
Input Micro USB
Light dimmable
Color Yellow
Scope of Delivery 1 piece Moslight