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Micropur Classic MC 1T

CHF 24.00

Micropur Classic inactivates bacteria and prevents the formation of odors in drinking water containers and pipes. Micropur Classic can be used anywhere where drinking water remains in a system for a long time, i.e. in cooling circuits, heating circuits, humidifiers, cisterns, water tanks, water baths, incubators, etc. Ideal for water conservation in boats, campers or caravans.

Gender code Unisex
Weight 19g
Intended use Outdoor, camping, travel
Active ingredients Silver 2.5 mg/g
Dosage 1 tablet for 1 liter
Effect Preserves clear drinking water for up to 6 months
Storage Store in the closed original packaging in a dry place and below 25°C
Durability ten years
Notes For use in plastic or glass. Check metals before use. Please check the package leaflet
Scope of delivery 100 tablets