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Natural fire making - course September 16, 2023

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Making fire naturally is a basic skill for outdoor enthusiasts. Once you've managed to start a fire with a fire bow or a fire steel, it's hard to get away from this path. The effect that these first flames create means more than just heat, light and the ability to cook something. You also create a kind of space, an environment or a small home. This is a good and ancient feeling that we know. Natural fire making, no matter which version you use, requires only a few basic materials, including tinder, kindling, and that same fuel or spark. Tinder is a dry, fibrous material that is highly flammable and will quickly catch fire when struck by a spark. Kindling are small pieces of wood that can be used to light the tinder and create an initial flame. Fuel is larger pieces of wood that keep the fire burning for a longer period of time. To create a fire naturally, you must first gather the necessary materials and clear a space for the fire. The tinder and kindling should be placed in a teepee or lean-to form and ignited with a spark from a fire starter, such as a firesteel or bow drill. Once the fire is burning, it should be slowly fed fuel until it burns on its own. Natural fire making is a valuable skill for any outdoor situation as it allows for staying warm, cooking food and providing light. Information about the course: The course takes place on Saturday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. All you need is sensible outdoor clothing, good shoes and maybe something to drink. In addition to trying out different fire-making techniques, you also cook on the fire. After dinner together, the course is completed.