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Nomad 100

CHF 489.00

Nomad 100 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Portable, durable and powerful, this lightweight, foldable 100-watt panel features built-in charging cables for Yeti Power Stations. Combine multiple panels to maximize solar gain on your next cross-country trip.

Gender code Unisex
Size 52x151.2x2.54cm
Weight 4600
Intended use Outdoor, camping, travel, home
Size closed 52x39.37x5.08cm
Size unfolded 52x151.2x2.54cm
Weight 4600g
Color Black
Cell type Monocrystalline
connections Solar connector (blue 8mm male): 14-22V, up to 5.56A (maximum 100)
rated capacity 100W
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 21.5V
Maximum Power Point Voltage (Vmpp) 18V
Maximum power point current (Impp) 5.56A
Short circuit current (Isc) 5.9A
Scope of delivery Nomad 100