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Option 298 Ocean Dancers

CHF 299.00 CHF 699.00

The Option 298 is a real all-rounder. The board is suitable for many areas of use and is often used for longer tours on lakes or on easy-flowing rivers such as the Rhine from Untersee, the Reuss on the less wild sections, the Aare and other similar rivers. The classic surf shape with the round nose and the straight tail offers good volume distribution and gives the board the desired all-round properties. The width of 80cm ensures good to very good stability and enables paddling fun even in larger waves. The board is equipped with a 210mm standard hard fin, which can also be equipped with a flex fin for use on rivers and at low water. Some of our team riders also surf waves with the Option 320 or 298. The Option 320 is built using MSL Fusion technology, making the board light and robust. MSI Fusion Technology In a conventional normal double layer construction, the 2nd layer of PVC is subsequently connected to the 1st layer of PVC using full-surface gluing. MSI technology works differently. The two PVC layers are connected by heat during the drop stitch material production. The industrial process is more precise, the thermal connection (fusion) is more durable and the connection is much easier with almost no glue. Season selects the thicknesses of the two MSI Fusion PVC layers specifically depending on the board.

Size 298x80x15cm
Weight 7.9kg
Type Inflatable
Construction Season Fusion Double Layer Dropstitch
Intended use All-round, touring, river
Size ft 10"x31.5x6
Size cm 298x80x15cm
Volume 225L
Paddle material Fiberglass Paddle Medium Flex
Pump Bravo 4 Plus
Fin Standard 210 1.0 PC
Pad EVA embossed rigid
Valve 15 PSI
Optimal load 45-75kg
Max. load 90kg
Act Neoprene printed
Bag Expert 1600 D
Color white, gray