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Polarys Twinair 5

CHF 939.00

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The new Polarys Twinair split air conditioning system is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy pleasant cooling in their vehicle on hot days and nights. The air conditioner is easy to install and operate and can be used in virtually any vehicle. As the name suggests, the Polarys Twinair split air conditioner consists of two parts: a condenser and an evaporator. The condenser is on the outside of the vehicle and the evaporator is on the inside. The two parts are connected to each other by a hose. Installing the air conditioner is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Thanks to modern technology, the Polarys Twinair split air conditioner is very efficient and uses little electricity. The air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 880W (3000 BTUs) or 1460W (5000 BTUs) and achieves a cooling capacity of up to 25/30 m³. This makes it ideal for mobile use in motorhomes or motorhomes. In order not to disturb your camping neighbors, the Polarys Twinair split air conditioner works with a noise level of just 53 dB. This makes it ideal for use in small spaces. By activating the special sleep mode, the air conditioner switches to the quietest level and the light is switched off. ADVANTAGES: - Easy installation - Quiet - Efficient - Cools rooms up to 25/30 m³ - Three ventilation levels.

Size 45.4x29.8x17 cm + 45.4x33x20.5 cm
Weight 19.5kg
Color White
Energy 230V - 50Hz - 560W
power 1460W
outside temperature +16°C to - +30°C
Technology Compressor
Ventilation levels 3
Noise level max 53dB
Notes Night mode, touch control
Energy class A