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Releash Quick Release Leash

CHF 24.90 CHF 49.00

Season's release can be separated from the paddler in seconds with a pull on the red release ball. The special lock can be opened under high tensile loads. This is particularly necessary in situations on flowing water. As soon as the paddleboard gets stuck on a branch or trunk, for example, and the body is pulled along by the current, a normal leash can hardly be opened anymore. The release is attached to the life jacket or hip belt so that the release mechanism remains within reach of the hand. We strongly recommend using a releash and wearing a life jacket on all river trips. With a length of only 115cm when retracted, the release is no restriction for the paddler. The scope of delivery also includes an aluminum carabiner hook for attaching to the life jacket.

Size 115 - 340cm
Weight 250 g
material Nylon, chrome steel, aluminum
Package.Package Polybag
Color blue