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Rental - Loki2

CHF 35.00

Rental items.

Pick up and drop off in Sirnach TG. In exceptional cases, shipping is possible for an additional charge.

On the road with the tent and set up camp by the lake: As soon as the fresh evening air comes in, the Petromax Loki2 reliably heats the tent. At the same time, the tent stove serves as a stable stove and an outdoor cooking area. Thanks to its clever design, the legs of the Loki2 can be folded up and the stovepipe parts can be stored inside the body to save space. This means you can easily take the combination of hob and heater with you wherever you go. You can easily decide for yourself how much heat the tent stove gives off. The continuously adjustable air slider in the stove door offers you full burning control. The window also gives you a view of the combustion chamber and you can immediately see when wood needs to be added. The attached ember trap protects the tent floor from falling embers. Overall, the Petromax Loki2 efficiently releases the combustion heat into its surroundings thanks to its semicircular body. This way you can heat up your tent in no time. The Loki2 tent stove impresses with its well-thought-out design: the unfolded legs are secured via a spring pin system and promise a stable stand. Once the three legs are folded in and the five-part stove pipe is stowed in the combustion chamber of the stove, the powerful all-rounder has a small pack size of 52 x 33 x 33 cm. The removable ash tray makes cleaning easier before transport or storage. At around 12 kg, the Loki2 is one of the lightweight tent stoves and Petromax offers you the matching transport bag as an accessory. With the Petromax Loki2 you can cook a hearty meal outdoors as easily as at home: simply heat up and place a pot or pan on the 40 x 25 cm stove surface. If you don't want to miss out on the campfire feeling and cook with an open fire, you can remove the round hotplate from the stove surface. The Petromax tent stove Loki2 is suitable for different types of tents if it is supplemented with the appropriate tent duct. For this purpose, Petromax offers the appropriate accessories for tents, lean-to roofs and tipis. We recommend always using the Loki2 with the spark arrester to protect your tent roof and your surroundings from flying sparks.

Weight 10500g
Size open 247x87x55cm
Size closed 52x33x33cm
Size diameter stovepipe 6cm
Color Black
material coated steel, glass
Scope of delivery 1 x Petromax Loki2