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Risam Whetstone 1500

CHF 39.00

Risam Japanese whetstone. The stone releases abrasives to protect the knife while sharpening. The stone has small air pores that can trap water during sharpening. The grit meets Japanese standard, precise and strong grinding power. Japanese production technology ensures a highly efficient sharpening result. How to use: Before sharpening your knife, immerse the sharpening stone in water for about 10 minutes. Place the stone on a flat surface or preferably on a sharpening stone holder. Move the blade back and forth over the sharpening stone at a 10-30 degree angle with light downward pressure. Start at the tip and end at the bottom of the blade. Once you have achieved a satisfactory result, rinse the stone and knife blade with water to remove any grinding residue.

Size 2.8x6x12cm
Weight 300g
material Japanese Whetstone
Color Violet
Notes 1500 grit granulation