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SUP Classic Air 10.2

CHF 249.00 CHF 499.00

This Key West Classic Air 10.2 SUP (315 x 78 x 15cm) is ideal for medium-weight users, on calm water as well as in the waves. The simple but efficient shape will bring you everything you expect from a classic SUP. With its length of 315cm and its width of 78cm, the board has been carefully thought out for excellent gliding, even on longer distances. The thickness of 15cm gives the board a lot of volume and therefore buoyancy. Turbulence and water trails are reduced by a specially designed tail shape without sacrificing the board's maneuverability or stability! The board stays on course without any problems.

Size 310x78x15cm
Weight 7.5kg
Type Inflatable
Construction PVC dropstitch single layer
Intended use All-round, calm rivers
Size ft 10.2x31x6
Size cm 310x78x15cm
Volume 247 liters
Paddle material no paddles included
Act Neoprene printed
Pump High pressure SUP pump
Fin Standard 210 1.0 PC
Pad EVA embossed rigid
Valve 15 PSI
Optimal load 50-80kg
Max. load 100kg
Bag Backpack
Color blue