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Sup Kayak SK 12

CHF 499.00 CHF 999.00

If you can't decide between SUP and kayak, you have 2 options. You choose a SUP and mount a kayak seat or you take a look at our new innovation - our brand new SPINERA SUPKAYAK We turned SUP + KAYAK into a SUPKAYAK and thus combined both sports into one product. All 3 of our Spinera SupKayak models are made from a high-quality HDDS (High Density Drop Stitch). The removable floor on our Spinera SupKayaks is made of 8cm high density drop stitch and is equipped with an extra valve. The 2-chamber safety system in all of our models offers a safe and good feeling on the water in any situation. The removable base on the SK10 & SK14 models can also be used as a bodyboard. All SUPKayaks come with a bag, fin, kayak seat & repair kit without glue.

Size 365x98x20cm
Weight approx.: 12500 g (board only)
Intended use kayak
person 2
Color Teal/Grey/White
material board PVC dropstitch
Construction 20 cm DLT dropstitch + 8 cm floor/bodyboard
Bag Heavy duty bag
Seat 2
Fin 2
Valve 16 PSI
Optimal load 80 - 180 kg
Maximum load 200kg
Scope of delivery Kayak, Backpack, Rep. Set. without glue, 2 seats, 2 fins