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SUP Pride 10.4

CHF 299.00 CHF 549.00

The inflatable SUP Key West Pride is particularly suitable for paddlers of medium size and weight. Its shape is designed for maneuverability and speed and offers very good all-round properties. Despite its length of 315 cm, the board is suitable for excellent gliding even over long distances when optimally loaded. Turbulence and water resistance are reduced by a specially developed tail shape without affecting the maneuverability or stability of the board. Its 3 fins allow paddling in almost all conditions. Thanks to its 5 inches thickness, the board is stiff but remains light, which not only makes it easy to transport but also allows for the most difficult or radical maneuvers!

Size 315x78x15cm
Weight 8.4kg
Type Inflatable
Construction PVC dropstitch single layer
Intended use All-round, calm rivers
Size ft 10.4x31x6
Volume 247
Paddle material 3 piece aluminum paddle
Act Neoprene printed
Pump SUP high-pressure pump
Fin Default 210
Pad EVA embossed rigid
Valve 15 PSI
Optimal load 60-80kg
Max. load 120kg
Bag Backpack
Color brown