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SUP Triple Action Pump

CHF 89.00 CHF 119.00

The powerful Season Gri Tripple Action pump is extremely powerful and efficient. With this new pump, the Inflatable SUP can be inflated with around 30% fewer pump strokes than with a conventional pump. The ideal pressure of 15 psi is achieved approximately 20% faster than with normal double stroke pumps. Tripple Action means you have 3 pumping levels to choose from: 1. With the first step you bring a lot of air into the board when you push the handle down and pull it up again - i.e. in both directions of movement. 2. As soon as it becomes too strenuous, you can switch to level two. Then air is pumped into the chamber when you push it down. 3. At level three, you switch down, so to speak, and pumping becomes easier again because less air is pumped into the chamber per stroke.

Size 332 x 115 x 640mm
Weight 2400g
Intended use SUP
Color black, white
Function Triple action
Material body ABS + PA
Material piston aluminum
Scope of delivery Pump