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Trapper 95 - CurlyBirch - Scandi - Leather

CHF 209.00

This powerful knife is made from stabilized, wavy birch wood. It is 210 mm long and weighs 135 g. The blade is 95 mm long and 3.6 mm thick, with a width of 26 mm. The knife is made from O1/K460 carbon steel and features a Scandi loop profile. It comes with a Trapper 95 sheath that makes storing and transporting the knife easier. After use, it is recommended to clean and grease the knife to ensure rust protection. Included in delivery are the knife and the sheath.

Weight 135g
Handle material Stabilized curly birch
Blade Length 95mm
Blade width 26mm
Blade thickness 3.6mm
Length total 210mm
Grind Scandi
Steel grade O1/K460
Steel Carbon
Sheath Trappers 95
Notes Cleaning and greasing recommended after use, rust protection.
Scope of Delivery Knife, Sheath Trapper 95