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Traveling 30

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Discover the ultimate solution for on the go with our thermoelectric cool boxes, which are equipped with the proven Peltier system and can be operated via both a 12V DC cigarette lighter and a 230V AC connection. With their light weight and easy portability, they are the perfect choice for beach days, picnics and camping adventures. Our coolers are versatile and offer an easy and convenient way to keep your food and drinks cool on the go. With a connection cable for operation with 12V or 230V, you can use your cool box practically anywhere, be it in the car, motorhome or at home. The cool boxes offer enough space for 1.5 liter or 2 liter bottles and have a lockable lid with a handle that makes transport easier and keeps your food safe. The electric cover is equipped with an integrated cooling system that ensures efficient cooling performance and always keeps your drinks and food pleasantly cool. Thanks to their compact design, the coolers can be easily placed in almost any trunk or behind the driver and passenger seats, making them the ideal companion for your travels. Experience the convenience and versatility of our thermoelectric coolers and enjoy cool drinks and food every time, no matter where your adventures take you.

Size 30 x 39 x H45.7cm
Weight 4500
Color black-gray
Volume 28l
Energy 12V DC / 230V AC
power 48W
Cooling -18°