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Travelers Notebook Set Medium Blue

CHF 57.00

The travel set is intended for everyone who is embarking on the trip of a lifetime. It includes a Voyageur Notebook, a Go Pen and a Classic Luggage Tag - functional yet inspiring items that accompany you wherever travel and your imagination take you. The Voyageur Notebook offers space for travel planning and cost accounting as well as for keeping a diary while on the go. This means you can capture every second of your trip, from the planning stages to all the weird and wonderful experiences along the way. Just like the Voyageur Notebook, the Go Pen is a great travel companion: its lightweight design doesn't restrict you, and it clips onto virtually any hardcover Moleskine notebook, ready to capture your thoughts, reflections and ideas on the go. The Classic luggage tag completes the set with its typical Moleskine design and customizable “In case of loss” note. The travel set is a great gift and a practical set of essentials for travelers who want to record their every step. - Voyageur Notebook - Go Pen with “In case of loss” note - Luggage tag - reusable packaging with world map

Size 11.5x18cm
Weight 581g
format Hardcover
material ivory white paper, 70g/m2 (acid-free)
Included Storage box, notebook and luggage tag in sea blue color, white ballpoint pen,