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The Annjuk by Alpicool TWW75 portable car refrigerator with freezer compartment has a capacity of 75 liters and is suitable for storing food and other items. The Annjuk by Alpicool TWW75 car refrigerator cools down to 0 °C in a very short time thanks to modern cooling technology. Modern LG cooling technology (high efficiency DC compressor and conversion module) has been used in all T series coolers of Annjuk by Alpicool car refrigerators. With the freezing function, the cool box can even be cooled down to an icy -20 °C (based on a room temperature of 25 °C). The box is divided into two areas, which can be set differently using the temperature display. The components also come with a grid insert. There are LED lights inside the cooler that automatically turn on when the lid is opened. For more efficient performance, the cooling walls are completely insulated. Intelligent battery protection prevents the vehicle from running out of battery. The cool box is CFC-free and comes with a DC12/24V or AC 100~240V (with appropriate adapter) power connection. Transport wheels, a folding handle on one side and the telescopic handle on the other side make it easier to move and transport the freezer. The TWW75 comes with an integrated cutting board and bottle opener, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, camping trips, road trips or picnics.

Size 93.7x53.5x46.5cm
Weight 25.65kg
Intended use Camping, road trip, home
Color black, gray
Volume 75 litres
power 80W
Cooling -20°
Heating +20°
material PP, PE & HIPS
Scope of Delivery cooling box, 3.5 meter DC power cable, AC to DC adapter